Masso delle Fanciulle

On the road between Pomarance and Saline di Volterra, about halfway, you will find signs for the Boulder of the Maidens. You need just to cover about 6 km country road and then, leaving the car, you can reach this place with a pleasant walk on a place of pristine beauty, where real natural pools will allow refreshing baths. The name of the Boulder of the Maidens comes from a sad and fascinating legend: once upon a time there were two girls, cousins, good-looking and mild-mannered, who used to spend their days at a large boulder near the river. The two girls looked after their sheep and their chants mingled with those of the other shepherds, singing joyful ditties of love. The enchanted forest animals gathered at the large boulder, and even the birds stopped to listen to the harmonious voices that echoed in the valley. Among these was an old werewolf, who was enamored of the two girls. One day, no longer content to listen to their songs and to look at them sideways, he jumped on the two girls and tried to bite them. Scared to death the two girls tried to escape, climbing on top of the big rock, but the wolf reached them in a moment. Feel trapped, the two girls held their hands and thrown themselves into the deep waters of the river. The river Cecina felt compassion and turned the two girls in small waves and brought them downstream by the current, so they escaped the greed of the hungry monster and moved away forever.

Other stories, this time real, are well closer to our times: in the long years of the Second World War this stretch of river has seen the exploits of the protagonists of the resistance against the Nazi troops. Right near the Boulder took place some of the bloodiest battles: Masso, in fact, was a strategic lookout point from which the partisans build the guard, and that’s why the Germans were trying to take control of this location.

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