The “Soffioni”

The “Soffioni boraciferi” of Larderello are high pressure fluid which escape violently from natural or artificial perforations splits on the ground.
The fluids are made up for 95% of water vapor and the remaining 5% of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane and other substances, including boron salts.
The emissions can reach a temperature of 130°-160°C and a pressure ranging between 4 and 14 atmospheres.
For example, on 27th March, 1931, a survey (siete sicuri che sia un sondaggio?) reached the geothermal reservoir delivering about 220 tons/hour of steam: the fumarole, called Soffionissimo, represented such a grandiose phenomenon and leaded to think that it was not possible to harness it. In the meantime, the citizens of Larderello were forced to put the mattresses on the windows to muffle the unbearable hissing.

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